old school email application (alpine+gmail) in ubuntu

hi all... have u ever want to know how people send email before this century? it is pretty cool stuff when we turn back to that time, where internet is not widely used. used only for a certain company or organization. this application "alpine" is really cool for me. i love it so much coz i dont really need graphical email for my own use. this application is terminal based. the gui is only text and symbol and based on linux platform.however, there is also for windows if you would like to try.here is the page for download.

to start the installation;

sudo apt-get install alpine

when the installation is finished, then a little configuration needed.

This is the main menu

go to >> setup >> config

by pressing "s" and then "c" (without quotes)

now , configure these important elements

Personal name : {your name}

User Domain : gmail.com

SMTP Server : smtp.gmail.com:587/tls

Inbox Path : imap.gmail.com/ssl/user=user@gmail.com

for example , this is mine

now, you are done with the gmail configuration. you can freely send and recieve email.
The next tutorial, i will show you how to send email using this application.. :D hope u love it.. post a comment for me to improve any weakness. your comment will be appreciated!