Virtual Box 3.0

what is virtual box?

Virtual box is an application where you can install other operating system inside your current operating system. I'd like to describe it like this diagram,

Your main operating system is Windows Vista (also called as host operating system), while inside it there are other operating systems. In this example they are Windows XP and Fedora inside your Windows Vista. Its very cool. However , in my own machine, I'd like to have Linux as my host operating system. A lot of pretty cool tutorial on how to install it, so just follow them. Click here (credit to falco)to install virtual box in your machine in ubuntu.

What i'd like to share is some pretty cool feature from v box(virtualbox) that is "seemless mode".

See this pic... I really love it.seems like , the XP merged completely with my linux.

so, I can run other software for microsoft such as microsoft office etc.

lets have a screenshot.

(running microsoft office in guest os )

However, it is still not too stable. Sometime there will be error on displaying the XP's windows and linux's.

How to do it??

easy..... run virtualbox, at any installed virtual machine.

Go to the Guest OS's window, at

Machine >> Seemless mode.