(How To) sending mail using alpine

Sorry for the late post. I've been busy before this. So , as what i told you before the next post is about to send email using alpine the terminal based application. i'd like to remind you, that this application is very useful for the person who love to feel how the old time people used to send email, and it is especially used for an admin of a server, who dont even use gui in their server. what they see in their screen is a group of character, combination of character to perform pic. for whoever dont like it, and rather like to use browser , no complain about this i hope.

so..... we can start it now.

open terminal and type "alpine" to start the application

type in your password to get the inbox ready.

now choose "COMPOSE MESSAGE" by pressing "C" without quotes.


alpine >> password >> c

fulfill the form.

and to attach any file , we have to press "ctrl+J"

if you remind the file to be sent already, then just type in the address. For example i want to send a document called rinozeen.doc at Desktop.. then i'll just have to put


if you cant remember, no worry cause we can press "ctrl+tab" to find the folder.

then insert any comment and press "enter" (without quotes)

it should look like this

put some message in the body and press "ctrl+x" and press "y" then you are done ... :D